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PCB Connector Applications and Future Development Potential

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PCB connector working principle is: usually in the insulation material, according to a predetermined design, made of printed circuits, printed components or a combination of both conductive patterns known as the printed circuit. A conductive pattern that provides electrical connection between components on an insulating substrate is called a printed circuit. In this way, a printed circuit board or a printed circuit board is called a printed circuit board. which is also called a printed board or a printed circuit board.
PCB series connectors are widely used in military aviation, railway projects, industrial projects, aerospace projects, test equipment, ship systems, electric sightseeing cars; UPS; communications power; chargers. The connector adopts PBT material, has very good electronic and motor characteristics, and can be widely used in industrial demand.
PCB connector is a base, no base, waterproof and non-waterproof points. Having a base can better ensure that the PCB and the connector are tightly connected together; the baseless form is the form of the socket, so that the precision of the pinhole position of the PCB board is less one, and a certain internal space can also be saved to make the product more miniaturization. As for waterproofing and non-waterproofing, it is determined according to the positioning of the product itself.
The PCB connector industry in mainland China is one of the few regions that has not been affected by the global economic downturn. Due to the strong domestic and foreign market demand, the connector follows this trend as electronic equipment moves toward higher transmission speeds and miniaturization. As a result, connector products such as chip connectors, optical fiber connectors, wired broadband connectors, and small-pitch connectors suitable for various portable/wireless electronic devices are expected to become future star products.
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